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Investment Consulting Process

Our approach to serving our clients is a comprehensive and proven one, grounded in customized financial planning.

cooke-financial-group-with-noyes-investment-consulting-processFinancial Planning: Setting Objectives

Our approach to serving our clients is a comprehensive and proven one, grounded in customized financial planning. For both private and institutional clients, we customize a financial strategy that will help achieve both short- and long-term objectives. Our multi-disciplinary wealth management team regularly monitors client portfolios and investment plans to ensure they evolve with the client’s needs, staying in regular contact with clients throughout the year.

Asset Allocation

We believe in both active and passive investing, and rely on the expertise of more than 200 professional money management firms to construct fully diversified portfolios. To minimize client fees, we use passive investments and indexing; for further diversification, we employ alternatives such as real estate and other non-correlated asset classes, as warranted.

Independent Manager Selection

Our due diligence team identifies, screens, and selects only those managers who meet our rigorous standards. In 2015, for example, our team conducted more than 200 meetings and conference calls with money-management firms. To avoid any potential or perceived conflict of interest, we do not charge direct or indirect fees to the investment managers selected. Nor are we compensated in any way for including managers in our proprietary list of recommended managers. We believe objectivity is critical to the success of our clients’ investment plans.

Performance Evaluation and Review

Our portfolio monitoring process includes both qualitative and quantitative components to monitor money management firms as well as risk/return comparison analyses to assess each portfolio’s risk-adjusted rate of return. We apply both broad and style-specific benchmarks to identify performance trends and evaluate ongoing progress in fulfilling client objectives.

Private Wealth Management

For our private clients and families, portfolio design and management spring from our in-depth understanding of each client’s overall financial position, including bank and investment accounts, trusts, real estate, IRAs, 401(k)s, etc. We also consider all liabilities, potential tax effects on various portfolios, and the need for retirement and detailed estate planning.

Our services include:

Institutional Consulting

Our Institutional Consulting team works with endowments, foundations, and those managing corporate defined contribution and defined benefit retirement plans, and Taft-Hartley plans to construct a framework that reflects the unique needs and circumstances of each institution.

For each client, we develop an Investment Policy Statement, the single most important element to investment success, that outlines long-term risk and return targets, identifies performance goals and evaluation procedures, and defines allowable and restricted investments. On an annual basis, we review the Investment Policy Statement with clients to ensure that both its strategies and structure align with their evolving needs.

Institutional strategies include:

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